FTC Team Conducts Landmark Multi-Day Scaled Agile Training Course to Foster SAFe Agile Adoption at US Air Force

FTC Team Conducts Landmark Multi-Day Scaled Agile Training Course to Foster SAFe Agile Adoption at US Air Force

FTC Achievement | 07/23/2019

July 18, 2019 (San Antonio, TX)  – FTC and partner Appddiction Studio recently completed a multi-day Scaled Agile training program for over 100 resources within the US Air Force as part of the FTC Team’s successful launch of the ACES FoS task order delivering SAFe Agile Coaching and Engineering Support Services to Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, AFLCMC/HIBD.

Designed to foster the effective adoption of the Scaled (SAFe) Agile methodology within the US Air Force to improve capabilities and outcomes, increase efficiency and performance, and apply cloud-based environments that employ CI/CD proven frameworks, the three-day event provided Portfolio-Level SAFe Agile training for multiple roles - SAFe Agilists (SA), SAFe Government Practitioners (SGP), SAFe Product Owners (POPM), and SAFe Practitioners (SP) - concurrently in a single-setting. Comprised of interactive discussions and comprehensive cross-scaled Agile training sessions, the program also involved a series of small group breakout sessions designed to simulate how the DevOps methodology provides powerful scalable applications and portals to support critical missions in a diverse range of environments. In these small group exercises, the training centered on building applications mapped to users and centered in their tasks and journeys in clean, fresh experiences that are both intuitive and engaging.

This concurrent approach to certifying multiple roles at once reflects the FTC Team’s ability to custom-tailor digital Agile services to serve the customer’s unique needs. “This multi-day interactive training program was designed to provide the certification and training necessary to successfully adopt a SAFe Agile framework, but with the kind of personalized coaching and support to ensure full buy-in across the enterprise for customer success,” describes FTC Enterprise Architecture Director, Jose Urdaneta. “By customizing our digital Agile services to our customer’s unique needs, we are paving the roadmap for the Air Force to accelerate value delivery, reduce risk, and transform how they achieve their business mission.”



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