FTC Wins Vitria BusinessWare Programming Support Services Task Order

FTC Wins Vitria BusinessWare Programming Support Services Task Order

Contract Awards | 03/28/2019

March 28, 2019 --

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awarded FTC the Vitria BusinessWare Programming Support Services task order in support of VA’s Financial Services Center (FSC). FSC provides Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (ED/EDI) services to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) supporting Office of Community Care (OCC) VA Purchase Care and VHA Revenue Collection Cycle initiatives for healthcare claims and insurance verification. Some of the applications developed to support these eBusiness initiatives were developed utilizing Vitria BusinessWare, Oracle, and Java components. Under this two-year contract, FTC will provide programming and software architecture support sustaining the Vitria-based Electronic Insurance Verification (eIV) and Electronic Outpatient Pharmacy Claims (ePharmacy Claims) applications. Using an Agile methodology across the Veteran-focused Integration Process (VIP), FTC will provide analysis, design, development, testing and implementation addressing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) legislative mandates using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12, Health Level 7 (HL7), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), and National Council of Prescription Drug Program (NCPDP) standards.

This award on the T4NG vehicle will further expand FTC’s significant footprint supporting VHA and Community care initiatives, middleware platform migration, and ongoing HealthShare/HealthConnect integration activities improving service for Veterans across the enterprise.