Supply Chain Logistics
Facilities Management

Supply Chain Logistics / Facilities Management

The most successful supply chain initiatives are accompanied by pragmatic operational changes that maximize value and optimize performance. The operational arm of our modernization services, our supply chain technologies can transform a customer’s ability to deliver quality outcomes from the inside out. Following a detailed analysis of the current alignment between business, IT and manpower, we focus on the business process and map out a path for continuous improvement to maximize synergy, ROI and – ultimately – outcomes

Our Suite of Services

  • Records Management
    Our set of proven information management best-practices helps our customers efficiently and systematically update, manage and store important records from throughout the organization’s lifecycle to ensure that essential documentation is organized, accessible, and audit-compliant.
  • Performance Improvement and Process Redesign
    Following a thorough process assessment, we provide a detailed model of our customers’ current operational logistics and identify key inefficiencies and bottlenecks while identifying value-adding opportunities for exponential increases in productivity, efficiency and performance. By re-engineering business streams, our team reduces costs, cuts cycle time and revolutionizes outcomes.
  • Document Conversion
    Our full-service document digitization and conversion program adheres to the strictest archival standards to ensure that all documentation remains safe, organized and confidential.
  • Global Shipping and Network Optimization
    The best logistical operations are useless without an effective distribution network; yet streamlined distribution requires complex planning with a global scope. We help our customers design a distribution strategy that is cost-effective, service-oriented and flexible to the changing nature of the global marketplace.